Get Started Special Needs Planning

Step 1: Schedule a Planning Session

There is no cost or obligation in this meeting. Click to call us on the right from your mobile phone, or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment online.

Step 2: Fill Out a Worksheet

After you schedule your appointment, we’ll send you a Worksheet to fill out. You’ll need to return your completed Worksheet at least three days before our meeting.

Step 3: Attend your Planning Session

At this meeting, we’ll learn more about your family. Then we will inform you about what would happen to your family and assets if you died with your current plan or no plan at all. If you want to change your current plan, we can give you a flat fee quote for the cost and design a new plan for you.

Step 4: Attend a Document Review & Signing Conference

About four weeks after the Planning Session, we’ll review your estate plan together and then sign the documents. You will then have a plan in place that will secure the future of your family and your child with special needs.

Step 5: Attend a Care & Advocacy Session

In your own words, you can provide future caretakers and trustees with guidance on the care and advocacy required by your child with disabilities. We have developed a method for capturing this important information to help pass it on to those caring for your child with disabilities when you’re no longer here.

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